Why Crave?

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Crave Weight Loss Center exlusively provides the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol.

Thats what we do!

For some people losing weight can be an emotionally charged, life long struggle, while for others, it may be nothing more than a minor inconvenience.  Regardless, Crave Weight Loss Center is committed to helping you reach your weight loss goal and provide you the knowledge to keep the weight off.

We never promise unrealistic “instant” results and we are not interested in selling you other services or products.  Our only interest is helping you regain your true shape and healthy weight by providing a time-tested, proven treatment that will work for anyone who is really willing to make moderate adjustments to their diet.

At Crave You Will Receive:

  • One on One personal attention and experienced coaching
  • Practical information based on your life and schedule
  • Ongoing support to make lasting changes
  • Convenient hours including Evenings and By Appointment Options
  • Email and phone support
  • After hours food pick up (if necessary)
  • Weekly emails and Facebook Posts containing valuable information, food suggestions, frequently asked questions and recipes
  • New & Upcoming Support Groups for Phase 1-2 and Phase 4 -Maintenance


One of our Success Stories; Another Crave 100lb Club Member:

Rhonda hit her 100lb mark on Wednesday, October 3rd. 2012


Here is a picture of Rhonda with Coach Pattie who has supported her and ‘coached’ her every Wednesday evening.

Pattie has also lost 80lbs on The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol at Crave and she is continuing to lose!


Rhonda who lost 100lbs with Coach Pattie who has 80lb on our diet!

Rhonda; 100lb Weight Loss













Congrats to everyone regardless if it is 10lbs or 100lbs.




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Join Us for your COMPLIMENTARY Seat 


WEDNESDAY — OCT. 17TH, 6:00 P.M.


HyVee (Grand Island, NE) *2nd Floor*


Call 308-675-1888 to reserve a seat today!

Topics we will be discussing:


-Lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass with Ideal Protein!

– Nutritional Education to help you modify your lifestyle and maintain your new body weight.

– High Quality, delicious food.

-We teach our dieters how they can lose fat and learn to maintain a stable weight.

-Learn the relationship between dietary choices and cellulite formation.

-One-on-One weekly coaching to educate and motivate you;

and Much More!

The presentation includes:

– An overview of the program
– Product presentation
– Handouts
– Sample of the product
– The opportunity to ask questions


Empower Yourself to Conquer Your Weight Problems



The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a 4-phase protocol that burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue.

In addition to losing weight, dieters also receive the knowledge to keep their lost pounds off after dieting via one-on-one weekly coaching.


After completing all 4 Phases of the program you will have learned:

  • How calories are burned;
  • What calorie consumption means;
  • Which foods are best suited to stable weight management;
  • When, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats and proteins;
  • What their impact is on your body;
  • Why exercise is important to the functioning of the body;
  • and much more.

Event Speaker: Tracy Gardner


Body Transformation & Weight Loss Coach

Tracy Gardner is fun, friendly, and highly experienced with the Ideal Protein protocol. Tracy believes in the importance of continuing education, regularly attends national and local conferences in the fields of weight loss, obesity, and coaching to help you in your wellness success.

Tracy is compassionately dedicated in  assisting you in achieving your health and weight loss goals, through educating you on weight loss as a lifestyle for lasting success in your health and weight loss.

Tracy will be here at this workshop to answer any personal questions on your specific needs for weight loss and nutrition.


Special for Current Clients:

We invite current clients to come listen and share your story and experience as well as continue your own education for your success on your program.

Remember if you are an current Ideal Protein Client and you REFER a Friend you get a F.R.E.E. Box of Food as a thank you!


Call 308-675-1888 to reserve a seat today!


We look forward in seeing you there!

**Drawings and Event Specials Only**  

Crave Weight Loss….What Do You Crave?

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What do you Crave?

– A Healthier lifestyle?

– Personal Success?

– Progress in your Life?

– Making better Diet Choices?

– Staying Focused and Committed?


What do we offer for Weight Loss at Crave?

I teach people how to transform their lives, one small step at a time! 


A Medically Developed Weight Loss Program Empowering Dieters with the Knowledge to put an End to Constant Dieting


Ideal Protein, Discover What People Are Saying…

Ideal Protein is a Weight Loss Method with over 10 years of success.

Our program is a fat burning, muscle sparing protocol that is rolled out in 4 phases.

The first 2 phases are the weight loss stages.

Phases 3 & 4 focus on teaching one how to maintain the new slimmer you and keeping the weight off after dieting.

Here are some of the key points we’ll touch on during your initial weight loss assessment:

  • Nutritional education to help you modify your lifestyle and maintain your new body weight;
  • High quality food program;
  • We teach our dieters how they can lose fat and learn to maintain a stable weight;
  • Learn the relationship between dietary choices and cellulite formation;
  • One-on-One weekly coaching to educate and motivate you;
  • and Much More!

Find out how Ideal Protein educates dieters with the knowledge to make sustainable lifestyle choices so you can maintain a stable weight – 308-675-1888

**If you are on our Protocol and Refer a Friend we Offer a F.R.E.E. box of Food as a Thank You!** 

The path of transformation is by its very nature a rocky one.  When you decide you are ready to do something about your weight, overall health and well being, often you are confronted with so many options and opinions that it leads to confusion and frustration.  I work with you to empower you to undertake your own journey, to find your unique path to your weight loss and fitness goals.

Make It a Great One & Keep On Keeping On!

Your Body Transformation & Weight Loss Coach,
Tracy G

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” ~
H. L. Hunt

Emotional Eating

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My compassionate view on Emotional Eating:

My main priority and goal is always to help you change your future as far as food, weight loss and body transformation.


The #`1 thing is to get control over food, lose a bunch of extra pounds and then MAINTAIN your weight for the rest of your life.


You are in the right place, regardless if you are currently working with me, have worked with me in the past or waivering if you want to work with me.

Important to remember it is all about TIMING and your DESIRE to make the change.  

This goes to those of you who have worked with me and for one reason or another “Fell Off The Wagon”.   Trust me – I understand and don’t be ashamed or feel embarrassed to approach me again or ask for help.

That is WHAT I DO!   I like to say “this isn’t my first rodeo with diet, weightloss and emotional eating”!

In my years of working with overweight individuals, I’ve found that one problem shows up again and again.

I have to say I have a HIGHER THAN AVERAGE number of dieters successfully hit goal at Crave but in GENERAL – most people average just three to four weeks on a diet before they fall off the wagon.

The reason?  Real life gets in the way!

As many dieters do, you probably start out strong.  But then you get worn down by life challenges such as family, work, stress, finances, or even emotional struggles.  At some point, the need to feel better becomes stronger than your desire to lose weight.  Before long, you slip off your diet and reach for a piece of chocolate cake or a bag of potato chips.  (sound familiar??)

After you’ve messed up, you may have a hard time getting back on your diet.  Eventually, you just give up on your goal of losing weight – at least for awhile.

Does this sound way too familiar? 

If so, you may need an entirely new approach for managing your weight.  While a healthy diet an exercise plan can certainly help, sometimes it take more than that.

#1 – this is why we say at Crave Weight Loss Center:  “We Are More Than Just A Diet!”    What you really need is an easy set of tools that will help you to calm, nurture, and energize yourself so that food doesn’t have to do it for you.

My goal is to teach my clients to stop using food as the solution to their emotional needs.  Many tools I use with clients they already know.  But others will pull you deeper, helping you cope more effectively with issues such as week motivation, low-self-esteem, and emotional eating.

Here at Crave; We are dedicated in helping you overcome your battle with emotional eating.

Together we will Succeed! 

Make It a Great One & Keep On Keeping On!
Your Body Transformation & Weight Loss Coach,
Tracy G

Plan B… for weight loss

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Life is all about how you handle Plan B! 

I am amidst this today as a write.  Yep – that is me and my husband going with Plan B!  

My Plan B:

Well today we were supposed to be flying off into the sunset for the beautiful Kona, Hawaii but something called a ‘virus’ got in my way.   Sunday afternoon started the dizzy spells and a situation where the room felt as if it were spinning.   No other symptoms except slight pressure in my ears that I noticed Friday night.

Monday I stayed in bed all except to head to the doctor to see what the heck was going on.  Plain and simple it was a virus and I had some inner ear infection and vertigo.

Great – but my main question was how am I going to get on the plane for Hawaii?

The doctor prescribed a few things but time was what I needed and rest.   Tuesday came and things were not better in fact they got me in for a catscan to rule out anything worse than the vertigo.  I was cleared for take off but the decision was mine based on how I felt and if the travel would make it worse?!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I felt horrible, was exhausted, just wanted to sleep and my world was literally “spinning” from the vertigo.   My husband and I discussed it called the airline and called the hotel to find out what it would cost to postpone our trip.   $400 later and we post-poned our trip to Kona, Hawaii.

We made the decision based on what we were dealing with at the time.   I woke up this morning hoping I still felt dizzy so I wouldn’t feel guilty or upset with my decision.  First of all I did sleep in past when the flight took off and secondly, I was slightly dizzy.  I did remain in bed until about lunch time but was able to do some work.  This afternoon I actually am feeling much better and like a new woman.

So here I am back to Plan B – it was the decision we made.  Like my husband always says:  “It is what it is…”

So when will Plan B for Hawaii take place?  Not quite sure this was a trip to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  Looks like we will be celebrating at home this year but guess what we now will not miss our daughter’s volleyball games and our son’s football game over the next week.  I know my hubby felt a sigh of relief with that – go figure!   We will probably go after Christmas or winter months and we are even considering taking our three children along.

I know, I know, this was supposed to be a romantic get-a-way for Tom and I but I actually love traveling with my kids.  Oh yes, they do drive us crazy and we spend way more money then we would alone but I also think that two of my three children will be off to college in a blink of an eye.  Grady is a Junior and Bayley a Sophmore.

Nothing is set in stone yet as Plan B is just hitting home as I start feeling better every waking hour.   Could I have made it on the plane ride?  I am sure but the way I felt yesterday it was time to figure out our Plan B!

This post brings me to discussing – What is your Plan B?


Plan A is always my first choice… the one where everything works out.  But more often than not, I find myself dealing with the upside-down, inside-out version where nothing goes as it should.  This is where the real test of my character comes in.  Do I sink or do I swim?  Do I wallow in self-pity or simply shfit gears and make the best of the situation?  The choice is mine.  After all… life is all about how you handle Plan B.  ~ Suzy Toronto


Ok Ok… so I could be upset and wallowing – NO Way!   Why would I?  The choice had to be made and I had a 50/50 chance that I would feel better today or not and the risk of flying and traveling for over 17 hours was not appealing with the way I felt the last few days.  I didn’t want to risk not feeling well and the travel making it worse and arriving in paradise to be stuck in my room for a few days.  No way – not my style.   Yes it did cost us and this time I didn’t have travel insurance usually I don’t use it but this time I needed it.  Oh well – nothing I can do about it now.

The decision is made – thus our Plan B!

I tell my clients to be READY for Plan B with their diet and weight loss journey. 

I obviously recommend them plan ahead but always have a Plan B in as a backup.

So what is your Plan B in weightloss?  

What if you are invited out to a dinner last minute?  

Options:  Decline and Stay Home -you know it’s safe or GO for whatever reason.   So when you opt to go it doesn’t have to be the diet is off now because I can’t have my controlled dinner.   True – we all know that going out to eat you can get some good selections but generally they have more “hidden fat” than what you make it home.   You can eat out the low carb way.

Here are some tricks you can use when dining out in a Plan B situation.

1.  Bring Your Own Salad Dressing (Walden Farms – keep a stash of the packets in your purse)

2.  Use Olive Oil and Vinegar for dressing – very light

3.  Order Protein and Veggies and ask how it is prepared.  Lots of restaurants ‘butter’ their steak, fish or chicken, so ask for it dry.

4.  Order Steamed Veggies and you can even get double veggies – that is right tell them NO Potato and bring me a dbl helping of veggies.

5.  Drink plenty of water


Plan B does not have to be a total GIVE IN – it is just that you hadn’t planned for it because Plan A was eating at home in your controlled environment.  

Well if your house is like ours well then get used to Plan B.   Things are never as planned it appears and we are here, there and everywhere.  Tom and I also own our own businesses so we are constantly going to Plan B with clients and employees.   It can be like a juggling act most days.

The key is how do we handle when life hands us that “PLAN B”?

How I handle Plan B Moments:

I am constantly telling my clients to plan ahead but it is also good to have a back up plan for those Plan B moments.

I usually have a few Ideal Protein Packets in my purse both restrictive and non-restrictvie.

I always have Walden Farm Salad Dressing Packets in a baggy in my purse along with stevia and my Digestive Enzymes.

Things I never leave home without.   I never know if I am going to be stuck at a meeting, in traffic or a game.  My life is full of Plan B’s so I just prepare for them.

Why throw in the towel because life threw you a lemon – it’s time to make lemonaide!   It is all about choices… You have the choice to stay on your weight loss protocol or the choice to ‘cheat’?

How do you feel after each of these?

When on maintenance or Phase 4 after you have successfully lost your weight we teach you to have a Fun Day.

So if Plan B becomes your FUN DAY – then perfect but you only get one Fun Day a week.

We can’t go back to eating like we did before the diet or you WILL GAIN the weight back.  I can’t stress this enough! 

People ask me almost daily if they go on Ideal Protein and work with me at Crave Weight Loss Center will they keep the weight off?   First of all weight loss is one contract and keeping it off is quite another.   I think keeping it off is the most challenging and where I focus my time and education the most.  It is about the lifestyle and making changes.  Not eating certain combinations of food and yes eating for pleasure but on your fun day.

Yes you pre-plan for it but that Plan B can happen and you have to make the Choice at that moment.  Is it worth now?

So think about that – is it really worth it to go off protocol for a few minutes of pleasure especially while on the weight loss phase of the protocol?

You have to consider – how bad do I want this?   This one cheat will cause me to play catch up for several days.   The mind can be a crazy place and keeping your goal close at heart and keeping your eye on the prize are important in moments where Plan B could sabotage.

Don’t Let It…  Be Ready and Equipped for Plan B.  Plan for those Plan B’s – be pro-active.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” ~Colin Powell

Just remember – Life is all about how you handle Plan B!    


“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.” ~Jim Rohn


Love & Lunges,

Tracy G


Most Diets Don’t Work

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Let’s be honest.  We’ve all been there and done that.  And our bodies have suffered because of it.  In the past few decades, the average American diet has gradually become increasingly less healthy while our lifestyles have become more sedentary.  And it’s getting worse by the day.

Obesity is a pandemic in our country, and for the first time in history, our children may have a shorter lifespan than their parents.  Metatabolic Syndrome (Syndrome “X”) is being called the most significant health crisis in this Millennium by those in the medical community.

The bottom line is this – something MUST be done. We are a culture who looks for a quick fix for all of our problems, and there are a multitude of opportunists who have seized the opportunity to make some quick money peddling their latest “miracle diet” products.

Ideal Weight Control Centers entered the weight loss market because we care, and because we really do have a program and products that work.  We don’t promise you unrealistic “instant” results, but a time-tested, proven treatment that will work for anyone who is really willing to make moderate adjustments to their diet in exchange for a slimmer body, better health and an extended life.

Our mission is clear – to help as many people as possible to achieve their weight loss goals in a rapid, yet healthy manner utilizing advanced cellular nutrition and personal coaching

For more information contact:

Tracy Gardner, Nutritionist, CPT


Fit2Fat2Fit… Personal Trainer gains 60+lbs

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Have you heard about the Personal Trainer who is gaining in excess of 60+lbs on purpose?   That is right – On Purpose!  Since May, Drew Manning has gained about 70lbs and he’s not done yet.   Good Morning America featured Drew Manning this morning and you can watch the clip ==> HERE.

Drew has always been known as the “fit guy” and now he is on a journey he is calling  Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.   The plan is to spend six months eating unhealthy and not exercising then spend the following six months getting back into shape.  His intention was to gain 60lbs and he still has about 4 weeks left and he has exceeded the 60lbs.   I guess the big question is WHY?  Drew Manning wanted to experience first hand what it was like to be overweight and discover how tough it is to lose the weight.   Drew’s goal is to show others how to get fit ~ again.   This is an extreme measure and a bold move on his part.   During his interview on GMA he mentioned that he didn’t plan on the emotional and mental effects that have came along with the weight gain.   In this short of period Drew’s blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels and triglycerides have been affected and this alone can show how people can be affected for years of eating a SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) consisting of highly processed foods.   Manning wants to show people that living a healthy lifestyle can CHANGE all those RISK FACTORS!

Being a Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach focused on Fat Loss and Emotional Eating myself, this is a bold move for Drew Manning.   This is one place I never want to go back to.  See I have been there, done that…   I was the FAT/Overweight Child, struggling with weight all my childhood, teen and college years.   After getting married and having children I always struggled with that 5-15lbs yo-yo.    I really didn’t start getting fit and taking care of myself until my thirties and more specifically my mid-thirties and now in my forties I can say I am in better shape than I have ever been.   I commend Drew Manning for taking this daring move and help show others how drastic you the SAD Diet can affect our bodies and our health.

I am with Drew Manning as far as wanting to show people how to get fit, transform their bodies and their lives.  It is possible and it isn’t easy.   Where I am different than Drew is that I have experienced being overweight, eating a highly processed sugar loaded diet, feeling lethargic, moody and lacking energy.  I have dealt with extreme emotional eating and years of horrible eating and lack of exercise and now I would never go back.  Having vitality, strength, energy and good health is so important to me!

Read more about Drew Manning and his journey at  www.Fit2Fat2Fit.com.

If you are someone struggling and want to make these lifestyle changes and change your life and transform your body I would love to work with you.   If you are interested in taking the steps to change your life, improve your health and get lean and fit please contact me by emailing me directly at  tracy@tracygardner.com

Your Trainer,


Healthy Snacks for Food Friday

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Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite healthy snacks.   These are great to keep in your purse or at the office to keep your body fueled through out the day.

Check Out This Video:

Items Featured in the Video:

  • Think Thin Bar – Crunchy Peanut Butter & Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Blue Diamond Natural Almond Nut-Thins Crackers & Chips
  • Bumble Bee Sensations Spicy Thai Chili Seasoned Tuna Medley

Enjoy & Let me know what some of your favorite Healthy Snack Options are?

Why You Need A Personal Trainer

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Wondering if a Personal Trainer is for you?

Stop wondering and hire a trainer and start seeing the results and the body you desire…

Trust me we all need help with exercises sometimes, whether we are just starting out or we’ve been at it for awhile.  You’ve been in the gym for days, weeks, months, or years, and for some reason, you’ve never sought the assistance of a professional trainer. Now you’re wondering if you’ve made a mistake. Should you have enlisted the help of a pro a long time ago? Maybe…

Still, many people shy away from personal training, unsure of the investment and what they will get out of it.  There are a number of reasons people work with trainers. Some want an individualized program so they can lose weight or get in shape while others simply need to be held accountable for their workouts.  Whenever you embark on a new exercise program, a personal trainer can help to develop a program to get the results you want and take you to the next level.

Here are a few reasons to get a professional trainer on your side.

You Want to Lose Fat and Get Fit

Anybody can walk into a gym and start slinging weights around or sprinting on a treadmill. However, doing any kind of exercise without having someone to tell you if you’re doing it properly or not can put you at risk for all sorts of injuries. On top of the potential for getting hurt, using improper form also reduces your likelihood of getting the full benefit of the exercise you’re performing.

Instead of letting your poor form keep you from getting healthier, get a personal trainer. He or she will know the ins and outs of good form and will correct you when an arm, leg, or your torso isn’t in the right place. Eventually, having this professional by your side will instill good form that you can maintain even when you’re worn out at the end of a workout.

You’re not seeing Results

If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks and months and the weight is moving and you aren’t reaching your goals, hiring a personal trainer or a coach may be a good choice.  A Personal Trainer can look at your current program or routine and eating habits to help make adjustments to meet your goals and create a more effective workout.  A Personal Trainer or Coach can also analyze if your goals are realistic and help to hold you accountable to your workouts and your nutrition program.   In addition to help you stay motivated to exercise.

You Don’t Know Where to Start

Knowing how to set up a complete exercise program that includes cardio, resistance training, weight training and flexibility can be daunting.  Add the time and knowledge it takes to choose the proper exercises, weights, reps and sets and you may find yourself quitting before you start.

This is where a personal trainer can be the biggest help.  He or she can help you maximize your time and creating an efficient program that doesn’t require you to be in a gym or working out for hours.   Your Trainer or Coach can help you set goals and map out a specific schedule so you know when, how and where you’ll fit in your workouts.  For instance during travel or when you are very limited on time.

You’re Board with the Same Old Workouts.

If you’re more of a fitness novice or been at this awhile maybe you haven’t considered a Personal Trainer or Coach.  However, it can be an excellent option if you need some variety and aren’t seeing the results you had been when you started.   A Personal Trainer or coach can bring a new perspective and develop a program to challenge your body and mind.  Even if you do just a few sessions or meet every few weeks, you will learn new tools and techniques and tips to maximize your efforts.

You Need to Be Challenged

If you’re like me, you tend to slack off on your workouts sometimes, especially when the move or exercise gets tough.  A Personal Trainer or Coach can motivate you to push past those limiting beliefs, working with you to encourage you to challenge yourself more than you would on your own.

You Just Want to Exercise On You Own

Even if your goal is to work out on your own at home or in a gym and you prefer to exercise by yourself, hiring a personal trainer for a few session can be a great benefit for learning the right exercise to create the body you envision and desire.  You can learn how to train the most effective way and get the maximum benefit.

You Need Accountability and Motivation

Getting to the gym isn’t always as easy as you wish it would be. After all, you’ve got a busy enough life without having to squeeze exercise in there. Hence why it’s a good idea to have a friend or family member join you for exercise. That way, when one of you isn’t up to hitting the gym, the other will be there to make sure you both workout that day.

But what if your exercise partner could be someone with specialized training in exercise? And what if this exercise partner helped you keep track of your progress, so you could use small improvements to keep yourself motivated? That’s the power of a professional personal trainer.

Personal Trainers and Coaches come with a built-in-motivation.  Not only are you investing money into your exercise program but you are investing time as well.  There’s nothing like a scheduled appointment with your Trainer or Coach to get your booty in gear.

You Want to Workout at Home

If you prefer to exercise at home but don’t have a lot of equipment or aren’t sure where to start or what to buy, in-home personal training is an excellent choice.  A Personal Trainer or Coach can show you exactly how to use what you have to get the best workout for you or she can bring equipment with her to give you a great workout.  Your Personal Trainer can make recommendations for equipment on any budget to help you reach your goal.

And Remember~

CRAVE IT….   Crave Fitness & Nutrition


Food Cravings, Will Power versus Food Power

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Everybody has their weakness. Whether it’s eating sweets, salty snacks or some cheesy pizza, we all have our own unique food cravings. I have never been a fan of banning a food group or chocolates from our diet altogether. Life is too short and depriving ourselves of the things we love makes our life a little less enjoyable.

“The secret to dieting is moderation and not starvation!”

I know it is easier said than done and I too had my share of food cravings. I can’t say that I don’t reach out for my favorite dark chocolate bar, I still have my chocolate cravings but after I’ve decided to live a healthier life I’ve come to realize that eating healthy means eating less of the food we love.

There’s no such thing as bad food only bad eating habits. Fats provide us with energy, chocolates helps us when were feeling down and good old ice cream keeps us cool during those hot summer days.

The brain constantly sends us signals about the things our body needs. It tells us we’re thirsty when we’ve lost a lot of water after running a marathon. But isn’t our brain the same one telling us to grab that bag of snacks in the first place?

Are food cravings bad? Of course not! Food cravings are signals the body sends when it needs something. Craving for something sweet when you’re unhappy is the body’s natural response to get some sort of emotional balance. Why crave for food? Because we haven’t taught it otherwise! This is why it is important to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Teach your body that it is better to go for a bike ride when you’re stressed and pretty soon you’ll see yourself reaching for that chocolate bar a little less often.

“The only diets that work are those we decide to work with.”

It’s been three years and you’re on your third diet program. You could read all the diet books or listen to your favorite health coach but still find yourself at the mercy of your food cravings. Only you know what your body needs. Living a healthy life comes from learning to have a better appreciation of what happens in our body.
The power of distraction

Ever heard of counting to ten before getting angry? This time try waiting for a few minutes before opening that bag of salty snacks you’ve always loved. The first thing you should do is get away from the room and walk out. Do something fun, distract yourself or grab your kids and hug them. The key is to remove food from your mind.

When there’s a fire, hose it down with water!

If you find yourself hungry and just can’t resist grabbing a healthy serving of pizza, why not try gulping down a few glasses of water. Just like any type of food, water takes up stomach space leaving you with a feeling of fullness and best of all, its calorie free!

Eat regularly

Contrary to popular belief, food cravings are not entirely unhealthy. In fact, cravings are a body’s response when it thirsty or hungry. Eat at regular intervals and if you eat snacks, eat healthy. Starvation is different from dieting, and the danger with these types of diets is rebound eating.

Give yourself options

I have never been a fan of going cold turkey only leaves you more stress making it more difficult to resist the next food craving. If you can’t resist that chocolate bar why not start by eating half of it then eventually cutting it down to a few bites. Give yourself options.

Be positive!

A healthy mind is the key to living healthy. Aside from hunger, people go on food cravings to provide relief from stress of negative feelings. Having a positive and can do attitude can go a long way in decreasing the triggers of food cravings and keeping you in track of your health program when nothing seems to be going right.

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